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Village Church and Hall History

Mark Cross Memorial Hall

The old village hall was built in 1906 and served the village well for many years. The hall also housed the war memorials these have been saved to be given a new home within the new community centre.

The old hall had become run down and since 2012 was hardly used. It was situated across the main road from most of the houses and had no parking on site.

The hall was sold in 2016 for  redevelopment. The money from the sale was given to the community centre project.

St Mark's Church

The church was originally built in 1851 as a school for the village of Mark Cross the reason for it not having the customary east / west alignment. The building was also used as a community meeting place for villagers including a place of worship. Later in 1873 a larger school was built on the grounds of the current primary school. The building was then extended, converted and dedicated to St Mark. Since then it has been used as the parish church for Mark Cross.

The church has had some modifications and support building work over the years however by 2016 it was deemed by  the architect to be potentially unsafe within a few months. 

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